1. Switch the wedding parties. Let the Groom have ‘Lushers’ and the Bride have ‘Guysmaids’
  2. Scrap the wedding list. Trust your friends
  3. Why does the ring have to be a band? Think outside of that tiny little box
  4. Get the party started. Hire the local big band (or part of) for cocktail hour
  5. Guinness instead of beer, pink bubbles and colourful non-alcoholic cocktails
  6. Sushi and noodle platters with chopsticks. Or an Indian buffet
  7. Square dining tables instead of round ones
  8. Forget ‘boy, girl, boy, girl’. Sit people next to those they’d like to talk to
  9. Take a bet on the length of the speeches. One pound from each guest, winner takes all
  10. Have a traditional tiered wedding cake. A layer of lemon meringue, a layer of apple crumble, a layer of cheesecake and a layer of rice krispie cake.