Here are a few great places to put a ring on it:

  1. Taj Mahal, India – The world’s greatest monument to love. One for the bankers and backpackers. Too exotic? Once the kids arrive it will be Eurocamp and Centre Parcs.
  2.  Graff Vineyard, South Africa – Owned by Laurence Graff of diamond fame. If your girl is more champagne and diamonds than hearts and flowers, this is the place to pop the question. Forgot the ring? Buy one in the lobby.
  3. Rodin Museum, Paris – For the artists amongst the lovers. The garden of Rodin’s Paris home is a gallery of this great sculptor’s work. Go down on bended knee beside ‘The Kiss’. Rodin’s greatest muse was his mistress.
  4. Phantom of the Opera – Not 100% she’ll say yes? Warm her up with some tear jerking romance. As the curtain comes down, drop to one knee and whisper the words. Remove the Phantom mask purchased at interval.
  5. The South Pacific, or Southend-on-Sea – Beside the pool or on the beach, water transcends all boundaries. Whether with cristal in hand, or cava in the sand, nothing is as calming as being next to water.
  6. Pont des Arts, Paris – The ultimate bridge of romance holds long tradition. Lovers attach a padlock to the railings, the key tossed into the Seine. Unpadlock her first before throwing key.
  7. Breakfast at Tiffanys – Go down on bended knee before the world’s most romantic store. Pop inside and choose the ring together. Great for nervous ring buyers.
  8. Tea at the Ritz – Nothing says old school like this one. An institution almost as old as marriage itself. For the lovers of vintage, and the vintage lovers.
  9. Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, London – For the cold blooded, but not the cold hearted. This is a festive spectacular of twinkling lights, mulled wine, and a magical ice kingdom. Plenty of places to ask Mrs Claus to marry you.
  10. Home – Home is where the heart is. A house filled with flowers, balloons and scatterings of love letters. Clean the house first and she’ll be a sure thing….