Cymbeline 2017 Collection
Well, here we are in Paris. No one can say that the White Wedding House staff don’t get around; Venice in April, Barcelona in May and Paris in June all in the name of finding those ‘something different’ dresses for our brides. The word ‘boutique’ means a small and exclusive business and here in Essex at The White Wedding House we are exactly that – hence our continual search for dresses we know our brides cannot fail to fall in love with.
Paris is the city where fashion leads the way and never more so than in the wedding dress arena. Cymbeline is one of our French designers and we have bought some scrumptious dresses from their 2017 collection. The French are always chic but never overplay their hand when it comes to embellishment preferring to concentrate on shape and fit. However, Cymbeline have used applique to great effect. One dress from the Cymbeline 2017 collection is particularly adorable with tiny applique daisies cleverly crafted across the skirt; a trend which we saw throughout the shows in Barcelona and Milan as well as Paris.
We do, of course, hold a big selection of other Cymbeline wedding dresses so telephone now for an appointment. 01277 280575 or email