Finding ‘The One’

Leave as much time as possible in which to find your wedding dress. But not too much. There are instances of ladies purchasing their dress as much as 2-3 years in advance of their wedding. How do you know you’ll still like the man, yet alone the dress?! Most shops require a 6 month lead time for a wedding dress. If you do not have 6 months to spare, do not despair. There are more and more bridal shops, such as The White Wedding House, who specialise in selling designer sample dresses that are ‘ready to wed’ (off the peg) year round. Most designers and bridal boutiques also have sample sales twice a year. By buying a dress off the peg one can also take advantage of last minute cancellations and availability at popular venues, often saving thousands of pounds. Who says you need to wait several months between your engagement and your marriage? Get him down that aisle!

If you listen to nothing else, the most important piece of advice when wedding dress shopping would be NOT to take four bridesmaids, Mummy, Auntie Gwenda AND your Mother-in-Law with you. There are very few occasions in life when eight people are all going to share exactly the same opinion; including this one. Plus it means that half of the congregation have already seen the dress before you’ve walked down the aisle. Take one or two people who know you, and whose opinions you share and value. Equally, unless you are the world’s best decision maker, don’t go it alone.

Tempting as it is to visit twelve different bridal boutiques across five counties, it is important not to lose your instinct for “the one”. If you find two or three dresses, any of which could be “the one”, then stop looking. Not only will it preserve your long term relationship with your dress hunting companions, but you will avoid totally confusing yourself. You wouldn’t keep looking to see if there is a better man out there. So why do it with your dress?

And a small but important point before you remortgage – make sure you can walk and sit comfortably in your wedding dress.