If the Shoe fits….

Prior to having any alterations carried out on your wedding dress you will need to have bought your shoes and your underwear. Shoes will determine the length of the hemline on your dress and it is essential that you take them with you for each fitting. Consider your hubby to be when it comes to choosing your heel height. This isn’t the way that you want him to look up to you. Comfort is crucial when it comes to wedding shoes. Honeymoon blisters are so unattractive. Rainbow club do bridal shoes that are pretty on the outside and perfectly padded on the inside.

For your grand entrance on your wedding day, you really can’t beat heels. They can improve your posture and give you those precious extra inches. You can always change into something more comfortable for the evening. But for beach weddings or grassy affairs go for wedges or flats.

The traditional white closed toe wedding shoe is no longer a prerequisite for bridal fashion. Almost anything goes so long as it is in balance with your dress. For a floaty, chiffon, unstructured dress, an open strappy heel can look fabulous. Paint your toes a natural neutral shade.

Most of all….have fun.