Over the next four days, The White Wedding House Bridal Boutique in Essex will be writing a short article per day with top tips on wedding dress shopping, and how to make sure you get it right…………..

What’s Your Type?

The ring is on the finger. The venue is booked. The in-laws are delirious. Now begins the no small task of finding the big white dress. The dress you have been dreaming of since you were old enough to walk. Or have you? Most brides have absolutely no idea what they are looking for until they begin the search for their wedding dress (divorcees excluded). It may seem obvious, but it is important to look in bridal magazines for inspiration on which style of dress you like. And then be prepared to throw this image completely out of the window when you start trying them on.

Think about your venue. A country house wedding with 200 guests needs a dress that is more Downton Abbey than Dominican Republic. Whilst Church’s do not have to be stuffy, you don’t want the Vicar to call you Jordan instead of Joanna. If you are getting married in a hot climate then avoid 20 layers of polyester, or you might be more of a whiff than a wife.

Sorry girls, but the reality for the most part is that unstructured, slinky dresses look better on the bonier brides, whilst the structured, well shaped styles suit the curvy figures. The good news is that “real women” tend to look fabulous in strapless, traditional bridal gown A-lines, whilst the supermodels can carry off the fitted and the fishtails. Be wary of fishtails if you are vertically challenged, unless they have been fitted to you by a very experienced designer or seamstress. Once the hem comes up you might be left with more fish than tail. Long Tall Sallys look good in silhouette enhancing lines; top to toe in floaty chiffon and a floor sweeping hem. Busty brides should look for sweetheart necklines that gently dip down into the bust. Straight bust lines can make a large bust look shelf like. You don’t want to be mistaken for the altar.

Don’t be afraid of a very simple dress that is well cut. Think plain back trouser suit from Armani. It can look nothing on the hanger, but turn you into Kate Moss in the board room. Less can be more. Accessorise with a sweeping lace trimmed veil, a stunning hairpiece and Granny’s diamond brooch.